Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Hand of Zen

I trimmed this, and wanted to make a before and after gif of this one.  I was telling Sarah, that I didn't have a vision for this tree, but I knew I needed to prune it.  It's been one of my older trees as well, and I've just been letting the trunks thicken up a bit.  I started pruning it, not really knowing where I was going, but I tried to pick the biggest accents and get rid of the rest.  It was really funny because I had worked on it for a while and wasn't really digging it.  I needed something to drink, so I walked into the kitchen for a minute, and when I came back across the room, I looked at it.  It was finished.  I saw I needed to wire a few branches upwards, but I thought, wow.  What a funny thing.  Sometimes you just need to step away for a bit.  One day I'll post the progression of this one.  It has undergone some serious changes.  I even believe this is a cutting from another plant.